Bethany Home Trust (Bristol)

Independent Living for Aged and Infirm Christians
Dingle Court
Dingle Court

The Bethany Home Trust (Bristol) is a charity providing independent living for aged and infirm Christians who have been recommended by their minister or church. We offer a comfortable and safe environment in which to live, share fellowship and enjoy life with peace of mind and back-up support from the Trustees.

Our properties are unfurnished and specially designed with the needs of elderly residents in mind. The aim is to provide convenient and comfortable accommodation in a setting which allows residents to come and go as they please. Our properties are in good condition and offer larger than usual residential accommodation. Properties and and their grounds are well maintained; when repairs are necessary we ensure these are carried out to a good standard and that residers' requirements are taken into account. 

There may be a waiting list for places, please contact us to enquire.